Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Where He Leads

For the past two years we have been going to Grace Community Church and been involved with their Fusion service. It has been awesome. The service is geared towards young adults and Zack has loved jumping into the music ministry and serving there. I have to admit we were "comfortable" there. The church facilities have everything a parent could ever want. It was a bit of a drive but the Word was preached and the worship was amazing.
Last month Fusion announced that they are splitting from Grace. Not for any doctrinal issues or because of strife, but because the Lord was calling Fusion to a different location. We were going to become our own church plant sent out by Grace. The goal is to reach the family's a little north of the church. Which, surprise, is right in our back yard!
Zack and I struggled with the decision of where were we going to go to church. Should we go with Fusion or start attending in the mornings at Grace. There were pros and cons to both. After much prayer and talking we are going.
And boy are we going! We are jumping in the midst of this thing God is doing. It is a bit scary but I can't describe how at peace we are about it. Zack is a part of developing the new churches worship team and I am helping get the children's ministry organized. Being involved in this process has brought to light so many things I just took for granted in church. Who will set up, who will do this, how is this going to get done? Wow. The labor is great and the workers are excited!
Our first service was held at a park in the area. We divided up into groups and went on prayer walks through neighborhoods and then regrouped for sharing, worshiping and prayer. God is certainly moving.
If you have a mind to, please pray for our church as we embark on this journey. We don't have a place to meet yet, we don't have a name, or all the "church" supplies that we might need. We do have a heart for following where God is leading and we do have a body of Christ that is ready to go where He leads. What a joy it is to part of the work He is doing!


  1. thanks for so thoroughly answering my question, Amy! ;-)

  2. Yay!! I'm SO glad you're feeling peace about your decision and getting excited for the next steps and the details. I'm REALLY excited for you!