Monday, September 14, 2009


This past weekend we went to Philadelphia. It was FABULOUS! We have not been on a vacation just us since before the kids were born. We have been so blessed with having vacations with extended family that we just never had to go alone. It was nice to just be on our own time schedule and just go. We didn't have a to do list but rather spent two days just strolling though the city and stopping where we wanted to stop. It was so relaxing and fun. The kids did great, except for the whole sleeping thing. They both were out of sorts being in a hotel and so none of us got the best sleep. It was ok though because we were in beautiful Philly!
I can't describe how amazing it was to be where such profound things happened. There is so much history there. As we strolled the streets I tried to imagine it over 200 years ago. Who was walking where I was walking? Was it Ben Franklin or George Washington? Zack and I were talking about how cool that is and how much cooler it would be to go to Israel and Jerusalem where Jesus walked over 2000 years ago. Hey we can dream right?
Zack really liked taking cool shots of the city. He is into photography and I must say he really has a knack for it. He always has. Even when we were first married and we just had a point and shoot he was good.
Our weekend ended taking the car trip back and going to church. We are a part of a new church plant, which I will share more on later. Man it was a great weekend!


  1. I love Philly. Your Uncle Ken and I were there for 6 months and I worked at an Ad Agency right downtown. Its especially great if you are a history buff and I definitely am.
    Re Israel.....don't quit was the best trip of my entire life and I think about it every day. Thinking to yourself, "This is where God walked", completely is mind blowing. There were no words for it.

  2. Your kids look so much alike!