Tuesday, June 8, 2010

So He CAN Walk

Levi took his fist steps on Mother's Day but has not been motivated to walk since then. Even with much bribery (yes, we did use chocolate and other various sweets) he just would not move those feet! Oh, he would walk holding my hand, or if he had the wall or a piece of furniture but not on his own. Such a stubborn little guy.

Last night we were spending time together after baths and before bed. We tend to just hang out with the kids in Moriah's room and read, play, talk until bedtime rolls around. Lo and behold Levi slid out of the reading chair and walked across the room to me! Zack ran to get the camera so we could catch it on video and we spent the next 30 minutes having fun getting him to walk. Moriah especially loved it when he would try and walk to her.

1 comment:

  1. way to go, Levi!!! He is just so cute. I still miss him. :)