Wednesday, May 5, 2010

She's Awesome

So I just had to tell you about a Moriah moment that just warmed my heart. Yesterday our neighbor came over to ask a favor. She brought her little girl (about Moriah's age) with her and the two hit it off. When it was time for the mom to leave, the little girl asked if she could please stay and play longer, so she did.

The girls went off into Moriah's room and I picked up around the house (I was a little embarrassed about the state of our home when the neighbor came over-I've been sick and kind of let some things go...) When I went up to check on them I hear this:

"Do you want to hear about Jesus? and Moses? Ok, let me show you..."

I turn the corner to see Moriah, with her bible open, "reading" to her new neighbor friend. JUST PRECIOUS! Hope she didn't scare her new friend off and she comes back to play more. I am not sure what our neighbors believe, but Moriah was sure to tell her about Jesus!


  1. We should all be just like her!

  2. that is so awesome!! Go Moriah! What a heart for God she already has!