Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall Day

Today we spent time as a family enjoying the fall.  It was wonderful.  We went hiking and even saw some mountain climbers while we were exploring.  Moriah loves the great outdoors.  She enjoyed touching everything and feeling all the different textures.  Levi was just along for the ride.  There isn’t much he doesn’t like.  He is so easy going.

After our hike we went to pick pumpkins with some friends.  They have a daughter Moriah’s age, Abby.  Since we were halfway to the nearest Cracker Barrel, we decided to just go the distance and make a night of it.  It was yummy!  After we ate we just sat on the rockers and chilled for a bit.  Moriah and Abby played some checkers and we called it a day. 

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