Monday, June 1, 2009

I'm Not Sure Why

Moriah is a polite little girl.  She loves saying please, thank you and your welcome.  Recently she has even started  calling adults "Miss" and "Mr" before their names.  But for some reason, if she needs to get by you she says, "Excuse me, Jesus."  I find it SO adorable!  I will be doing laundry and I feel a hand on my leg and a little sweet voice say, "Excuse me, Jesus."  I wonder if Jesus finds it as cute as I do, and has a smile each time she sweetly refers to Him.  

Excuse me, Jesus, but I would like to thank you for the sweet blessings you have given me in the form of my two children.      


  1. Just how completely precious is that?!!!!!

  2. I love it when I sneeze and I hear, "Bless you!"
    Or, "Thank you!"
    Or, "My Pleasure"